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Masada and the Dead Sea

"Not many are the sites in the country that shed such dramatic light on such marvelous heroism as Masada"

Chana Robina

The Judean Desert features two world-renowned sites – Masada and the Dead Sea.
On this tour, we will explore the fascinating wonders of the desert, learn about its rich past and bathe in its soothing waters.

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10 hours


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Private & Small groups

Full Itinerary
Full Itinerary

First, we’ll head to the wilderness.
On our way, we’ll pass Jericho – the oldest city in the world, and arrive at Ein Gedi – a heavenly nature reserve abundant with waterfalls, flora, fauna, and history that goes back to the times of King David.
We’ll proceed to Masada – the most visited national park in Israel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The outstanding fortress built by King Herod was the arena of the final events of the Great Jewish revolt against the Romans. Nowadays, it is a symbol of Jewish heroism.
We’ll proceed to the ancient village of Qumran, which is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
We’ll finish the day at the Dead Sea – the lowest place in the world.
Its buoyant waters are abundant with minerals and offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy a natural open-air spa.

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