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Tel Aviv-Jaffa

"Tel Aviv is buzzing with so much life, you could bottle it and sell it as honey"

Clive Sinclair

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the financial heart of Israel and its startup capital.
The streets are bursting with young and innovative vibes that set the backdrop for a world-renowned center of culture, cuisine, and architecture.
On our tour, we will visit various unique neighborhoods and markets of the city.

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7 hours


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Full Itinerary
Full Itinerary

We’ll begin with Jaffa – the older part of Tel Aviv that was a famous port city in the past and nowadays, it is a gentrified bustling area with many attractions to offer.
We’ll start with a scenic lookout over Tel Aviv, stroll through the colorful Artists’ Quarter and pay a visit to the flea market.
Next, we’ll travel to Rothschild Boulevard that extends from Neve Zedek to Habima Theatre. This is the leading financial district of Tel Aviv.
Along the street, we will see many Bauhaus-style houses, due to which the area is known as “The White City”.
We’ll proceed to the Carmel Market – the main marketplace of Tel-Aviv. It is vibrant, noisy, messy, and will leave you with a taste for more.
Our last stop is Neve Tzedek, Originally a Jewish neighborhood in Jaffa, it was a pioneering center of Jewish culture.
Today, it is a gentrified area filled with art galleries and designer shops.

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