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Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean coast tour - Three port cities from different periods.

The gates to this land lie in the Mediterranean shoreline. Dotted with important port cities that connect vast trade-routes, many nations swarmed this land, leaving their mark through language, religion, and architecture. On this tour, we will visit the main sites that shaped the history and culture of the coastline region.



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Full Itinerary

Our first site is the ancient Roman city of Caesarea. Among the ruins, we’ll find a beautifully preserved Roman Theater, a race course and a palace.
We’ll continue to Mount Carmel – a fertile mountain range with a unique biosphere reserve, and enter the scenic city of Haifa.
It is the third-largest in Israel and the home of different communities.
We’ll drive by the Bahai Gardens – a shrine with a breath-taking view, which is undoubtedly one of Israel’s pearls.
Our last stop is the city of Acre (Akko).
Known for its well-preserved old city walls and crusader quarters, Acre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
We’ll walk through the colorful market and explore the vibrant alleys of the ancient port city.

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